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Literacy in Motion


Literacy In Motion, LLC is an educational firm whose goal is to educate the world through literacy one person at a time. Literacy In Motion provides an academic enrichment program designed specifically to improve skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, comprehension rate, and study techniques. Literacy In Motion provides educational services ranging from tutoring, literacy enhancement courses, and literacy consulting. The goal of Literacy In Motion is to establish literate, thoughtful communicators, who are capable of controlling language effectively as they encounter an increasingly complicated and well informed society.

About the CEO

Dr. Jenise Belin Leach is the founder and CEO of “Literacy In Motion”. She has been in the field of education for thirty-three years. Within her educational career, she has served as an English professor, reading instructor, and literacy coach. Her instructional experience range from the middle school to the college level. She is the author of the children’s book Saying Goodbye to Daddy and founder of the KIDS club (Kids Interrupting Disruptions). She believes that within our diverse learning community, all students should be provided the best possible learning experience through a caring, secure, and stimulating environment in order to grow academically, emotionally, and socially.


Contact Us

Literacy In Motion
110 Johnsberg Lane, Suite 100
Bowie, MD 20721
(240) 521 - 4231